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If you’re like me, sometimes you just cant find a domain name. If you’re stuck try these tools. http://www.panabee.com/

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  • 500mb Webspace
  • 1gig bandwidth
  • 5 email accounts


  • 5gig Webspace
  • 10gig bandwidth
  • 10 email accounts


  • 20gig Webspace
  • 30gig bandwidth
  • 10 email accounts


  • 50gig Webspace
  • 60gig bandwidth
  • 20 email accounts

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Built on Solid State Drives (SSD) not spinning hard disk drives, they are up to 100x faster than your normal drives. Our Pure SSD based storage offers low latency, 100 x more Input / Output Operations per second than standard hard drives ensuring constant maximum performance for your sites and web applications at all times.

We take daily off-site backups for all accounts and store backups for the last 7 days. Our Continuous Data Protection setup ensures that our backups are always up to date and protected.

We use CloudLinux. This does not allow a single account alone to overload and bring down a server causing service disruptions for all other clients on the same server. CloudLinux allocates each accounts it’s resources and isolates then, hence preventing it from impacting the overall performance of the server.

We are confident about providing you with a service that is stable, reliable and up at all times, so much so that we back it up with our Service Level Agreement. Our servers have guaranteed uptime of 98%

We offer our services out of 3 datacenters, 2 in the US (East Coast & West Coast) and London in the UK.  You can choose your preferred location while placing your order.

Easily scale your plan as your creativity and community grow. Our hosting plans offer one click upgrades and downgrades. 

Security is a priority for any website. We offer free SSL Certificates as standard with all our hosting plans. Secure your website and get ranked in Google.

All websites need stable and secure databases. Structured Query Language or SQL for short sends instructions to the database server (called Queries) to retrieve data. We use Maria Database this is an enhanced drop in replacement for MySQL that improves overall performance and reliability of the SQL server. MariaDB largely improves the performance of dynamic websites.

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